Your AI-powered Course Assistant

Help students learn with a customizable LLM tailored to your course

Build a powerful course assistant for your course

We provide an easy-to-use UI for you to upload your course materials. It only takes one click to train your course-specific LLM for tutoring students

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Explain concepts step-by-step without ever getting tired of answering the same question

Limited teaching staff? No problem. CourseAssist AI provides students with one-on-one tutoring using the knowledge that you provide

Ensure alignment of AI-generated answers to your course

Our course-specific custom LLM solution ensures AI responses are always grounded on the knowledge you provide, reducing the risk of hallucination and misleading answers from AI

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Real-time monitoring of student learning

We provide insights for how students use LLM and the type of questions they ask


A better solution than ChatGPT

Students find answers from our course-specific LLMs more helpful and more relevant than answers from ChatGPT